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Graduation Speech -- Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

We all have had many stones read to us, and even read many ourselves. In elementary school they were stories of Lad, Jane and Spot. Each of us beamed with pride as we stumbled over that first line of "See Lad go," or "Run Jane run." Then, in junior high we learned about plot and theme, and the characters of the stories actually developed personalities. Now, as graduating seniors, many of us have learned that stories can teach us valuable lessons about life. Even the simple stories from elementary school contain lessons that we can relate to our own experiences. One story in particular that just happens to be from my favorite producer, Disney, and emphasizes the importance of friendship is "The Fox and The Hound." As this story demonstrates, the people that we have encountered throughout our lives, as well as our experiences, help us to grow and develop as individuals. I think we all can learn from the example of Tod and Copper: Now, some people will tell you that a fox and a hound could never get along. But Tod and Copper didn't know that. "You're my very best friend." "And yo...

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Segmentation of Budweiser

CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1. 1 Background of Study The use, acceptance, adoption and application of internet technology to businesses to boast their performances are not something new. Saffu et al. , (2008), states that there has been a significant increase in the use and application of e-commerce in businesses in the past decade. E-commerce has benefits such as reduction in costs, increased business opportunities, reduced lead time and providing more personalized service to the customers (Turban et al. , 2008).Internet banking or e-banking is one of the many tools of e-commerce adopted by the banking industry. Tools of information technology such as internet banking have significantly improved the quality of services offered by the banking industry and/or financial institutions (Dawes and Rowley, 1998). Currently, there are thousands and thousands of e-banking web sites all over the world. Botswana is a developing country, located in the southern part of Africa. She has a population o f just about 2 million.Being a developing country, internet technology has not been quite a thing for the citizens. Majority of people who get to use the internet are those in tertiary schools, work places and government departments, since they can get to use internet there. â€Å"In October 30th 2008, Botswana completed the multi-million pula Trans-Kalahari fibre-optic project, covering approximately 2000 kilometres. The project is expected to act as a catalyst to the growing ICT industry in the country. †Ã‚  (Botswana Guardian. 2008) This study focused on the information technology (IT) adoption in a developing country; Botswana, where internet technology let alone internet banking is still at its infancy stage, but could offer potential benefits and usefulness to the entire population and to the banking industry in the not so distant future. â€Å"The Botswana government together with that of Namibia recently contributed US$37. 5 million each to secure the West African Ca ble System (WACS) landing point.The 14 000 kilometre cable will bring direct and fast connectivity between Namibia, Botswana, West Africa, the United Kingdom and the rest of the world with a design capacity of 5. 12 terabit. These developments are expected to mark the beginning of cheaper bandwidth in the country. Both countries, Namibia and Botswana are at the dawn of an infrastructure revolution on the ICT landscape where broadband communication services will be further enhanced to benefit businesses, ndustry, internet community, academia and the entire population. † (Telecom Namibia, 16 February 2011) For the business industries in Botswana to stay competitive, they would have to implement e-commerce to enable them to be more competitive and efficient. This without any doubt includes the banking industry, which by no means have to implement and manage effectively the Internet banking services. The importance of e-commerce in Botswana is very critical since Botswana is a lan dlocked country and has no access to sea ports. The Botswana government is looking at making the country the communication harbour in the region. Under the government of Botswana’s plans, developing e-business is a critical step and a vital pillar of the economy. † (Botswana Guardian. , 2011). Given the importance of e-business and of Internet banking, it should be the key strategy of the banking industry in Botswana, just like in other developed and developing countries.Although the Botswana government is willing to spend money to invest on internet technology, thus improving e-commerce infrastructure, the ultimate success of Internet banking is still depending on consumers’ perceptions and whether they are willing to use internet banking. Therefore, users and/or customers ought to be willing to use, adopt and accept the technology. 1. 2 Problem Statement â€Å"Internet usage in Botswana remains very low as a result of the high cost to access it, the high cost of computer hardware and generally low levels of Internet awareness.Botswana remains on the wrong side of the digital divide with little access to development and innovation. The Internet banking service is a new technology in Botswana which means it needs a lot of efforts and sources to be adopted by both banks and customers. † (Chippa Legodimo. , 2007). Although previous studies into internet banking adoption show that Internet banking has been implemented completely in many developed countries such as the United States of America and Europe (Pakkarainen et al. 2004) and thus showing more on the factors affecting Internet banking adoption and/or acceptance on innovation adoption in the context of such developed countries (Daniel, 1999; Mols, 2000), there is a growing trend in the adoption of Internet banking by the banking industry in the developing countries too (Gurau. , 2002). It should be noted, that even though Botswana is one of the developing countries; her economy is not growing at the same rate as those of other developing countries. This could be mainly due to her geographical location.Therefore; e-commerce infrastructure is still less developed, thus the adoption of Internet banking is still at its infancy stage when compared to other developing nations. Given that in several countries, studies have been carried out measuring the factors affecting adoption of Internet business; and since there has never been any research or study on the factors affecting the decision to adopt Internet banking in Botswana, this study tried to study and measure such factors. 1. 3 Research ObjectivesThe primary objective of this study was to comprehend the consumers’ perception towards the adoption of internet banking in Botswana and to identify the factors affecting the decisions to adopt internet banking. The objectives of this research are as follows: 1. To identify the key factors affecting the decision to adopt Internet banking system in Botswana. 2 . To examine whether socioeconomic influences the decision to adopt Internet banking in Botswana. 3. To identify the most significant factor that affect the decision to adopt Internet banking in Botswana. 1. 4 Definition of TermsInternet Banking (Internet banking): Computerized service that allows a bank’s customers to get Internet with the bank via internet or telephone lines to view the status of their account(s) and transaction history. It usually also allows them to transfer funds, pay bills, request check books and so on (Business dictionary. , 2011) Internet: Global network of networks using universal standards to connect millions of different networks (Kenneth C Laudon and Jane P Laudon. , 2010). Information Technology (IT): The hardware and software technologies a firm needs to achieve its business objectives (Kenneth C Laudon and Jane P Laudon. 2010). Information System Literacy: Broad-based understanding of information systems that includes behavioral knowledge abou t organizations and individuals using information systems as well as technical knowledge about computers (Kenneth C Laudon and Jane P Laudon. , 2010). Adoption: The ability to accept and be willing to use. Privacy: The claim of individuals to be left alone, free from surveillance or interference from other individuals, organizations or the state (Kenneth C Laudon and Jane P Laudon. , 2010).Computer Literacy: Knowledge about information technology, focusing on understanding of how computer-based technologies work (Kenneth C Laudon and Jane P Laudon. , 2010). Security: Policies, procedures and technical measures used to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, theft or physical damage to information system (Kenneth C Laudon and Jane P Laudon. , 2010). Risk Assessment: Determining the potential frequency of the occurrence of a problem and a potential damage if the problem were to occur. Used to determine cost/benefits of a control (Kenneth C Laudon and Jane P Laudon. , 2010). 1. 5 Scop e of StudyThis study focused on internet banking adoption in a developing country, Botswana; where internet banking is still emerging and seems promising. The study was carried out on individuals comprising of Botswana population, mainly in the two cities; Gaborone and Francistown and the two major towns Jwaneng and Lobatse. The study looked at factors affecting the decision to adopt internet banking services, particularly in Botswana. Some of the developing countries like Malaysia (Suganthi and Suganthi. , 2001) and Turkey (Polatoghu and Ekin. , 2001) have successful implemented and adopted internet banking services.Adoption and implementation of internet banking is on the rising trend among the developing countries (Gurau. , 200). Likewise, Botswana as a developing country ought to implement and adopt internet banking services, therefore, this study looked at factors affecting the decision to adopt internet banking in Botswana. 1. 6 Significance of Study Banks: Comprehending the b ehaviour and perceptions of the customers is of great concern and importance to the survival of Banks (Devlin, Worthington, and Gerrard. , 2007). The banks and/or financial institutions will use this study to improve their service quality.The study will facilitate useful feedback that will be used for the improvement of the services and facilities rendered by both banks and other financial institutions in Botswana. Internet usage is at its infancy stage in Botswana and this study will permit the banks to position themselves and acquire the necessary knowledge on how to sell the service more to their customers. Understanding the customer’s perception regarding a product and/or service, put the banks at an advantage, thus allowing them to formulate strategy and customize their services to the needs of their customers. Customers/users:Customers/users ought to know and/or be aware of the cons and pros of using this facility. Therefore, the knowledge on the factors affecting the c ustomers’ decision to adopt and use internet banking is a vital asset to all customers and potential customers as they will be in a position to make informed decisions. This study would enable customers to evaluate if they really need this service or not. Research: Since there is no study in previous researches on this topic in Botswana in particular, future and current researchers would be in a position to use it as a point of reference and/or to improve it.It will also encourage other researchers to consider researching more on the adoption and use of internet banking in Botswana. It will serve as a starting point for them. 1. 7 Organization of Study Chapter 1: introduction This chapter inductions the subtopics such as background of study, research objectives, definition of terms, scope of study, significance of study and organization of study; to make the comprehension of the whole study visible and/or viable thus making it easier to comprehend the whole study.It is more o f a gate way into the whole study as it gives a brief but detail description and/or summary of the whole study. Chapter 2: literature review Based on the previous studies, this chapter discusses and explains internet banking in details and factors affecting the decision to adopt internet banking in Botswana. It clearly depicts the definitions of dependent variable, independent variables and moderating variables. References from the previous studies are used to enhance comprehension and to see how independent variables influence dependent variable, if ever they do.Chapter 3: Methodology This chapter depicts the whole arrangement of the study. In includes such subtopics as, research framework, hypothesis development, data collection method, questionnaire design, data analysis techniques and summary. Such subtopics are discussed in detail. It is in this chapter that all factors affecting the decision to adopt internet banking in Botswana (independent variables) and moderating variables are discussed and sampled. Hypothesis statements are presented and data collection methods are well explained here.Questionnaire is designed based on the independent variables and moderating variables to measure or see if there is any relationship and/or association between them and the dependent variable. Chapter 4: Data Analysis and Findings This chapter involves the incorporation of the interpretation of the collected data from respondents via quantitative method. The determination of the acceptance or rejection of the stated hypotheses statements was also tested. Software called SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) otherwise also known as Predictive Analytics Software (PASW) was used in the research to measure the results.This chapter mainly focuses on analysis the data collected, modelling, graphing and tabling it and presenting it. It is in this chapter, where the acceptance and/or rejection of hypothesis testing statements were scrutinized. Chapter 5: Conclusion an d Recommendations This chapter explains the outcomes of the testing of the hypotheses determined in chapter 4. The acceptance or rejection of the hypothesis is discussed as well. Additionally the concluded results of hypothesis testing from this study are compared with findings from previous researches. Limitations of this study were also discussed.

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What Is Wind Shear

Wind shear is the change in speed or direction of wind over a relatively short distance or time period. Vertical wind shear is the most commonly described shear. Wind shear is considered to be severe if the horizontal velocity changes at least 15 m/sec over distances of 1 to 4 km. In the vertical, wind speeds change at rates greater than 500 ft/min. Wind shear occurring at different heights in the atmosphere is termed  vertical wind shear. Wind shear over a horizontal plane, such as along the Earths surface, is termed  horizontal wind shear. Hurricanes and Wind Shear Strong wind shear can tear a hurricane apart. Hurricanes need to develop vertically. When wind shear is increased, there is a greater chance the storm will dissipate because the storm is pushed or spread over a larger area. This NOAA visualization shows the effect of wind shear on hurricanes. Wind Shear in Aviation In the 1970s and 1980s, multiple aviation accidents were attributed to wind shear phenomena. According to the NASA Langley Research Center, about 540 fatalities and numerous injuries resulted from wind-shear crashes involving 27 civil aircraft between 1964 and 1994. These numbers do not include accidents that almost occurred. This image of the effects of wind shear shows wind shear on an airplane. A type of weather phenomenon called microbursts can produce extremely strong windshear. As a downdraft spreads down and outward from a cloud, it creates an increasing headwind over the wings of an oncoming aircraft causing a sudden leap in airspeed, and the plane lifts. Pilots may react by reducing engine power. However, as the plane passes through the shear, the wind quickly becomes a downdraft and then a tailwind. This reduces the speed of air over the wings, and the extra lift and speed vanish. Because the plane is now flying on reduced power, it is vulnerable to sudden loss of airspeed and altitude. (Making the Skies Safe from Wind Shear) Wind shear is the change in speed or direction of wind over a relatively short distance or time period. Vertical wind shear is the most commonly described shear. Wind shear is considered to be severe if the horizontal velocity changes at least 15 m/sec over distances of 1 to 4 km. In the vertical, wind speeds change at rates greater than 500 ft/min. Strong wind shear can tear a hurricane apart. Hurricanes need to develop vertically. When wind shear is increased, there is a greater chance the storm will dissipate because the storm is pushed or spread over a larger area. In the 1970s and 1980s, multiple aviation accidents were attributed to wind shear phenomena. According to the NASA Langley Research Center, about 540 fatalities and numerous injuries resulted from wind-shear crashes involving 27 civil aircraft between 1964 and 1994. These numbers do not include accidents that  almost  occurred. This  image of the effects of wind shear  shows wind shear on an airplane. Updated by Tiffany Means. Resources Links University of Illinois Atmospheric Science ProgramNASA – Making the Skies Safe from Wind Shear

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What Makes People Happy - 836 Words

Kelly Volken Patricia Hake English 20 March 6, 2017 What Makes People Happy? The question â€Å"what makes people happy?† is a very difficult question to answer just because it is one of those questions that can be interpreted in so many different ways. In reality, there are countless amounts of things that make people happy, but the real question is, do those things leave a permanently lasting happy effect on you? The answer probably not. There is a big difference between what can make you happy in the moment, and what makes you a happy person in general. Being young, you may find that happiness is effortless, others not so much. Bottom line, it’s all up to the individual’s perception of how they look at things. In order to find that†¦show more content†¦Negativity brings you nothing beneficial in your life. So it’s up to you to be driven to find that positivity to prosper. My philosophy teacher once told me â€Å"I believe we are all social beings striving for different types of relationships.† Thinking about it, I couldn’t agree with him more. None would be who they are today now without relationships, whether it be your friends, family, coworkers, or basically anyone you’ve known. We are constantly changing as a person because through each and every connection, you learn something, good or bad, though the bad ones seem to stand out more. For example, not many remember how they became friends, but the chances are they remember why they aren’t friends anymore. Obviously, bad memories don’t make you happy, so why don’t we try to avoid them in the first place? It’s so easy for people to be quick to judge, and react off their natural instincts of what they think is right. We all have the right to speak our mind, but you must think about the situation in order to make the decision that will generate happiness. Most of the time when making decisions, it involves the little things. I was in high school once, and I know drama was inevitable. How many of yo u get mad at your friends for not inviting you to certain events, or not telling you something? It happened to me, and no it didn’t make me happy. Looking back, I should not have gotten so worked up over something so small. Life is made up of so many little affairs, thatShow MoreRelatedWhat Makes People Happy854 Words   |  3 PagesThe Good Life The question of what makes people happy has been an ongoing argument for years. Happiness according to can be defined as the quality or state of being happy. There are two perspectives that focus on answering this question of self-happiness, the hedonic and eudaimonic. The Hedonic view (Subjective well-being) is the perspective of how people experience the quality of their lives. Hedonism is about knowing the fulfillment of pleasure. This type of pleasure is physicalRead MorePersonal Note On Happiness And Happiness968 Words   |  4 Pagessomeone what makes them happy, you more than likely would receive a million different answers. The general definition of happiness or being happy is a state of well-being and contentment, or a pleasurable or satisfying experience. An individual’s definition of happiness more as excitement increase in the tendency to choose ab exciting option over a calming option; and defining happiness more as feeling calm increase the tendency to choose a calming option over exciting option. So, what makes peopleRead MoreAldous Huxley s Brave New World875 Words   |  4 PagesFrom the beginning of time, humans have strived to be happy. During this time, thousands of different people have given their interpretation of h appiness. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the simplified definition of happiness is feeling pleasure or joy because of a certain situation. In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, Controller, Mustapha Mond, conceals the truth in order to keep everyone happy. He gives his people drugs and brainwashes them into believing that their life is good. SatisfyingRead MoreThe Importance Of Happiness713 Words   |  3 PagesHappiness is a choice, and its only our choice. No matter what the circumstances are in our lives, we get to choose what emotion we want to react with. People show different ranges of emotions which can be caused by other people, but ultimately we choose our emotions with our mind and hearts. It doesnt matter what has happened in your life today, you can still choose to be happy. By choosing to be unhappy you put yourself in a sorrowful and melancholia mindset, which isnt good for your mentalRead MoreThe Book Happy : Happy896 Words   |  4 PagesWhat is happiness? The answers are endless, some people finding something more relatable than others. In the United States, we are given the freedom of speech, and everyone has his or her own opinion. Based on opinion it makes the world a different place. We are not all the same which is better. Happiness is something that can be taken it different ways, like the way it looks and feels but scientist and personal experiences show how it really is. Personally what makes me the happiest is on sportsRead MoreUtilitarianism And The Most Important Argument1679 Words   |  7 Pagesabout utilitarianism and the most important notion that arises from it, which is that an action is morally right only if it maximizes the greatest good for the greatest number of people (Cahn, 114). First, I will explain what utilitarianism is, when and by whom it was originally created, and a brief explanation of what it stands for. I will then explain the two different types of classical utilitarianism and explain th e differences between the two. Next, I will give two arguments to why the utilitarianRead MoreSocrates s Argument At 30a B Of The Apology1386 Words   |  6 Pagesconnection between philosophizing and having an excellent soul is made when Socrates conducted his own investigation by questioning reputable intelligent people, thus realizing people who claim they are knowledgeable are all ignorant, and the true wisdom comes from being self-aware of their own ignorance. However, this leads to another question of what is an excellent soul? Throughout the Apology, bits and pieces of information are presented to us that having an excellent soul is to have virtue. OneRead MoreThe Documentary Happy 905 Words   |  4 PagesThe documentary ‘Happy’ was probably one of the best documentaries I have ever watched. It is a documentary on what truly makes people around the world happy. The movie takes you through true stories of the lives of all kinds of people with different life situations within the entire world. Through each individual story it shows how even though they may have gone or are going through tough situations, they still remain happy with life itself. I really enjoyed this documentary because it made meRead MoreThe Frustrating Pursuit of Happiness1299 Words   |  5 PagesIn today’s society people are constantly striving towards happiness. People will work their entire life chasing something and in the end still be unhappy. Continually pursuing this idealistic goal of happiness and never feeling as though they have accomplished it, leaving people wondering if it is even worth it. It often makes people question what happiness is even considered anymore in today’s society and curious as to how they can achieve such a thing. Devoting one’s entire life to achieving happinessRead MorePursuit of Happiness732 Words   |  3 Pagesperson thinks about happiness at least twice a day. Its only 9pm and I can already tell you that Ive been happy and unhappy many times today. If I asked a group of people what they wanted most out of their lives for themselves or their family, whether for tomorrow or the rest of your life , most people would say happiness. Some might say money, but only because they think money will make them happy. Yes, money can buy things that will provide you with brief happiness, but for true happiness, I believe

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The Government Regulation Of Tobacco And Alcohol Sales And...

Q1 Distributive policies control the allocation of benefits to particular groups, they are easily introduced as they can be implemented independently without effecting other groups benefits. (Palmer, Short, 2014) Such as governments Indigenous Chronic Disease Package which aims to manage chronic diseases that effect Indigenous Australians. (AIWH 2014) Another health policy is regulatory, which provides limitations on how specific groups act, some groups are allowed more freedom while others can be more restricted. (Palmer, Short 2014) For example, the state government regulation of tobacco and alcohol sales and supply. (AIHW 2014) While in pursuit of credibility and self promotion, organisations can develop a self regulation policy which can potentially reduce government interfering. (Palmer, Short 2014) Redistributive policies consist of the change of distribution of income, wealth, property and rights of groups by deliberate acts from the Government. (Palmer, Short 2014) The Pharma ceutical Benefit Scheme is an example, as it provides medicine to disadvantaged Australians at a reduced cost. (Human Services 2016) Q2 Health policy is different from other types of policy due to the complex structure of health care, role of medical professionals and the ethical and societal expectations. Firstly, due to the complexity of the health care system, there is dubious comparison to other models such as economic or social activity which add to the difficulty of individualsShow MoreRelatedThe War on Drugs1646 Words   |  7 Pagesdeforestation and pollution. In most cases, production operations are repeatedly forced by supply-side enforcement to relocate into increasingly remote regions for their own protection- including rainforests, nature reserves and protected habitats- always with damaging consequences (McSweeney et al., 2014). As an outlawed industry, these producers are therefore unbound by any environmental regulations or code of ethics. It is in these nations that the War on Drugs is felt yet more acutelyRead MoreLegalization of Drugs Essay1305 Words   |  6 Pagesdebate about the legalization of marijuana for medical exposes the long lasting debate about the economic viability of prohibiting certain kind of drugs considered illicit. Many social costs to society are attributable to illicit drugs, along with tobacco, alcohol, and guns. In fact, each of these vices is allegedly responsible for $200 billion annual expenditure in social costs of the USA (Donohue, 2010). Interestingly, all these commodities mentioned above have common characteristics: a sizeable proportionRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay1518 Words   |  7 PagesMarijuana The truths about marijuana are slowly starting to resurface, the government keeps ignoring that cannabis could one day be as powerful for the U.S. Unfortunately, these truths about marijuana are under a lot of criticism because of the stereotype of what people see as a marijuana or cannabis smoker. There is a great difficulty in this law because marijuana is still recognized as a harmful and dangerous substance in some states. This can cause problems because each state has their differentRead MoreMicroeconomics Essay- Suppose the Government Raises the Legal Drinking Age in the Uk from 18 to 21. Conduct an Economic Analysis of This Policy to Examine Its Impact on Affected Markets.1260 Words   |  6 PagesSuppose the government raises the legal drinking age in the UK from 18 to 21. Conduct an economic analysis of this policy to examine its impact on affected markets. With reference to the above statement, if the UK government were to increase the legal drinking age from 18 to 21 there are two markets that would mainly be affected- the producers, which is the alcohol industry as a whole and the consumers who are the UK citizens between the age of 18 and 21. A market is a group of buyers and sellersRead MoreShould Marijuana Be Legalized?876 Words   |  4 PagesNevertheless the Liberal governments pledge to legalize marijuana use is a step that raises health, social policy, and criminal justice issues, whilst also encompassing economic and financial impacts. However, the news article â€Å"Legal pot revenue could reach $5B a year†, neglects to incorporate many of these themes, focusing strictly on the tax revenues in which Canada s federal and provincial governments will collect from the sale of legal marijuana. Previously, the Canadian government neglected to endorseRead MoreThe North American Industry Classification System Essay1614 Words   |  7 Pagescountry-specific detail. A complete and valid NAICS code has six digits (North American Industry Classification System, n.d.). D. G. Yuengling and Son NAICS code for brewing is 312120. The NAICS code can be broken down by: 31 – manufacturing, 312 – beverage and tobacco product manufacturing, 31212 – breweries, and 312120 – large breweries (Industry Statistics Portal, n.d.). The NAICS for breweries has remained the same since 2002. It is also important to look at beer bottles and glass manufacturing (327213), beerRead MoreLegalization Of Marijuana And Marijuana1633 Words   |  7 Pagesfar safer than alcohol, tobacco and multiple other illicit substances. A study performed by Scientific Reports compared the lethality of the recreational use of 10 drugs that included marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine, diazepam, amphetamine and methadone. The researchers found marijuana to have the lowest risk of mortality when compared to things commonly used like alcohol and tobacco. â€Å"Further, the low risk of cannabis use suggests government should use â €Å"a strictRead MoreBusiness Plan1500 Words   |  6 Pagesroom. The beer is cold in the fridge and ready for consumption. A couple of hours have passed and everyone is feeling pretty good. But bad news†¦you are out of alcohol. Unfortunately everyone is too intoxicated to drive so what do you do? Risk getting a DUI just so you can have a buzz for a few more hours? That’s where we come in, an alcohol delivery service. We have all of the popular beer and liquor that college students desire. We have a warehouse located not far from campus fully stocked withRead MoreVincor and the Wine Industry1664 Words   |  7 Pagesthe only companies that are going to survive, grow and maintain a competitive advantage are those that can rationalize their cost structures, achieve economies of scale and control their distribution channels effectively. Synergies in marketing, sales forces, administration and other overhead factors can drive down per unit costs and make Vincor more e fficient. By lowering its cost structure, Vincor can pass lower costs to consumers and gain market share in a global market place. Vincor has surmisedRead MoreThe Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, And Explosives1330 Words   |  6 Pages The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, otherwise known as the ATF, is one of 60 criminal justice programs under the Department of Justice. Their mission is to regulate and investigate crimes related to the above mentioned items. The ATF has been around in one way or another since the beginning of our nation. It started in 1791, when the first tax on distilled spirits was implemented by the new Secretary to the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton (1). Supervisors, inspectors

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Spirituality and Strength Free Essays

My Strengths Strength is a word that is greatly misinterpreted. Strength is to overcome challenges that you face and to grow from them. To most, strength only comes in physical form, while for others strength comes emotionally as well as spiritually. We will write a custom essay sample on Spirituality and Strength or any similar topic only for you Order Now One can be small yet strong or one can even be scared yet strong. Strength has no set rules or requirements. Strength is going against all odds to end up prevailing. Being physically strong is the ability to sustain the capacity of a force without breaking or yielding. To be mentally strong is to emerge with confidence through an emotional series of events. For one to be spiritually strong they must have faith in what you believe when the odds are stacked against you. Everyone in life strives to be strong. Why? It is human nature. Physical strength is to prevail through obstacles that test your body to its limits. Physical strength is fighting a disease such as skin cancer. Listening to the doctors tell me that the chances of living a long healthy life are not excellent. After telling me all this they expect me to be that same person who was lways there for others. But who was there for me? Physical strength is fighting the never ending battle of drowsiness, when I was diagnosed with mononucleosis. This was a hopeless battle when I had so many things to do in so little time, Meyer 2 with no energy to spare. Yet, all I wanted to do was to fall into a deep sleep and escape all my responsibilities for the moment. Physical strength is being the strongest that I can be. This is waking up six days a week at the first light of day and pushing my body to its limits at the gym surrounded by other bodies dripping of sweat. It is to fight the endless struggle of laziness of a typical college student and workout even when I have had a long day, with few hours of sleep, and no time in my schedule. Physical strength is a daunting task to seek out but with hard work and perseverance it can be achieved. Mental strength is the ability to overcome hardship, pain, and suffering. The ability to use those experiences from depression in a positive way, to grow and develop from the most painful situations imaginable. That is what mental strength is all about. I have always been told that the strongest are always most successful. My success is the new person that I have become. I ignore the Judgmental looks and comments made by those I love and those I hate. I handle being ridiculed and gossiped about by those, who in the past, I had put all my trust in. Mental strength is dealing with the drama and stress of high school. It takes strength to walk down those cramped hallways alone and be watched by those who I used to be able to call my friends, and having no one to talk to. Even though I feel as though I am alone within a crowd of faces and shadows, bumping into me, trying to knock me down I do not get intimidated. On weekdays at six in the morning I look in the mirror and plaster on a brave face to fool others into thinking that nothing is wrong. I have the strength to not fall in to the deadly trap that people lay out when they make fun of you have with everyone and with yourself. Spiritual strength is the will to believe when all others do not. It is the fight for faith, something that could be imaginary, but that I see as real. It is the urge to die for what I believe in. I maintain my strength while I am tested on my faith in God by countless people, Judging me for following and acting on my beliefs in God. I would rather die protecting my spirituality then live a lie full of regret. In my times of trouble I have come to realize God is the light, the truth, and the way when all other paths are taken over with darkness. My strength is overcoming the hardship of following the unknown and not knowing where it will take me. It is putting my faith trust in God, and praying when I feel scared or upset. Every Sunday morning and Wednesday night I devote myself to the life of the church, the body, and the blood of Jesus Christ. Some say that by having spiritual strength I am condemning myself. On the contrary, in having spiritual strength I am freeing myself to a life full of Joy and happiness. Above all, to have spiritual strength is to have faith, love, patience, dedication and hope in God. In conclusion, there are three types of strength I have exhibited throughout my life; physical, mental, and spiritual. To have physical strength is to excel in challenges that are made upon the body. To have mental strength is to when my limits are tested. To have spiritual strength is to stick to what I believe is morally right in life. These strengths tie into how I live my life day by day. How to cite Spirituality and Strength, Papers

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Small Soldiers Soundtrack free essay sample

Although Small Soldiers may seem like a movie for children, the soundtrack is for all ages. Whether you are stuck in the 70s or in with the 90s, there is a good chance you will like this album.The soundtrack has a wide range of music intended for music-lovers of all types. One example is the classic Motown song War by Edwin Star. Many of the older listeners will enjoy this version, while a remix of this song is included on the album, sung by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.While many of the songs are fairly old, most have been remixed. For example, the great classic, Another One Bites The Dust by Queen is accompanied by Wyclef Jean, giving the song a more up-beat feel and attracting more listeners.Another song (one of my favorites) is Rock and Roll [Part 2], also commonly known as The Hey Song. It is yet another remix, but mostly due to the occasional movie quotes. We will write a custom essay sample on Small Soldiers Soundtrack or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In my opinion, this is a great album with a wide variety of songs. This soundtrack brings classics and newer songs together in one great album. It has been put together with everyone in mind and I would definitely consider it a good buy